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The art making process, within a safe and consistent relationship, enables our students to safely explore, communicate and consider their thoughts and feelings which underlie their behavioural difficulties.  We use a child led, mainly 1:1 approach, using theories such as attachment, object relations and psychodynamics, underpinned by developments in neurobiology and child development.   Art Psychotherapy is thought of as a three way process between the client, therapist and art materials.  The process includes the use of metaphor and symbolism as forms of communication of conscious and subconscious thoughts.

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Dramatherapy is creative arts psychotherapy employing the healing aspects of theatre and drama processes.  Dramatherapy uses indirect processes of working with metaphor, creating a distance which allows clients to explore potentially difficult situations in a safe contained environment.  A Dramatherapist employs the use of ritual, stories and myths, object, role, puppets, games and the idea of play to facilitate psychological well-being in creating safe playful spaces.  Dramatherapy presents a platform (be it individually or in groups) that promotes creative self-expression, builds confidence and raises self-esteem.

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Music Class


Music therapy is a student-led, psychodynamically informed mode of therapy.  A wide variety of instruments are available for shared improvisation, providing opportunities to explore and express feelings both verbally and non verbally.   Strong and painful feelings, which could otherwise be very destructive, can be safely expressed, supported and contained within music.  Music-making can be extremely cathartic, allowing a release of physical tension.  With its use of pre-verbal, multi sensory and cross-modal communication, music therapy can help clients deal with early childhood traumas and difficult attachment experiences, increase emotional understanding and empathy, and the development of social skills such as turn-taking, listening, body language awareness.

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