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Our attendance and welfare services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you would like more information on our services please contact a member of our Attendance & Welfare team on 0113 468 9527


Offering direct case work with pupils and families we identify and address the core issues as to why the young person isn’t engaging with their education. We have a wide range of effective strategies such as panel meetings, attendance plans, parenting contracts and home visits. Our dedicated ESW team will work and advise you accordingly to identify your most vulnerable cohort, then putting a plan of action into place.

Our ESW team can help build capacity in your setting by taking both a strategic and a hands-on approach to attendance. This can include support analysing your data and practices to help identify the best use of your resources. and support these plans where necessary. 

Our main objective is to ensure young people achieve the best outcomes. We offer the assurance that detailed and accurate evidence and logs are maintained at all times, should they be required for the future. 

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If you have an existing attendance team we can provide you with casework supervision, this service is primarily useful when dealing with difficult and complex cases. Our ESW team will proactively support and advise your attendance team to resolve the situation effectively.



Our Education Welfare Team are able to work with you and carry out a full and detailed review of your current attendance practice. During the review, we will look at your existing attendance policy, practices and procedures. The core aim of this review will be to highlight and identify your strengths aswel as the weaknesses.

Once our consultant has conducted the review they will then provide you with a detailed report. The report will also contain recommendations and an action plan on what is required to improve attendance punctuality.

The consultant who carried out your review will also be on hand for 6 months from the date of the review to help you implement the recommendations and action points from the review. 

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As part of an ESW role one of the core roles is to carry our welfare checks when a pupil isn’t attending education regularly. Our Attendance & Welfare team frequently carry out home visits to work with pupil’s and their families.

Our Attendance & Welfare team have a vast amount of training and experience to quickly identify the core reasons why a young person isn’t engaging in education, whether it be bullying, financial worries, domestic violence or something simple as a parent not being able to read or write. We often find that some parents feel more comfortable having discussions about their child in the family home where they feel safe and at ease.

Our approach and questioning technique can vary depending on the situation, the primary focus of any home visit is to ensure that we are safeguarding the young person and working collaboratively to engage the young person back into school as quickly as possible.

We have a very high success rate in seeing a rapid improvement in attendance after conducting a home visit. All home visits are logged in detail and will be sent directly to your attendance lead. 

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We can provide you with a detailed half-termly attendance data pack. The data pack covers focus groups including year on year trends.

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