SIMS SUPPORT, Nova-T6 and Census Support for Schools


  • We currently provide a range of support options - from Annual Top-up support for schools that are confident with SIMS usage, through to managed support where we provide onsite support and training for Schools Census Returns and Nova-T6 timetable construction. 

  • Support can be both in terms of package usage - including annual support that builds in onsite training time, and for technical support should your installation need upgrading etc. 

  • Our offerings are provided by a dedicated team, all of whom have worked in schools directly with SIMS.  The team benefits from SSAT National Data Manager Award qualified staff. 


  • Attendance tracking materials setup in MIS that can be rolled-out to staff

  • 3 year trend analyses   

  • Management feedback

  • Full analysis of attendance data on a Half-Termly basis



Timetable construction can be an enjoyable challenge, and incredibly frustrating … both at the same time!  It is however a ‘sport’ much loved by School Leaders, and one we too embrace. 

Quality timetable construction can make significant contribution to school operation and help to achieve curricular aims.   

Whether it be that you need a timetable constructing from scratch due to the lack of a timetabler, or you just need some ‘outside thinking’ injecting into a difficult timetable, then we can offer experience and commitment. 

And should you need practical assistance in getting your timetable from planning through to students and staff having a print-out in their hands, we can help with this as well. 


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Whether it be due to staff absence, technical fault or you're just stuck with errors close to Census Deadline .... call our team!  We can help.  A completed Census return with upload to the DFE can be achieved for as little as £195.