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The biggest challenge for schools is to ensure that all pupils are supported in a safe return to education. This is our focus in working across the district in supporting pupils, families and schools.  Many pupils will have missed significant elements of teaching and learning and essential socialisation and life skills experiences. BCL is working with schools to support pupils and parent carers in ensuring that the gaps in all areas are closed. 

We offer a bespoke service where the needs of each school or individual is assessed and this information is then used to plan for the most effective way to support in the closing of the gap. We have in our team staff who lead on and support welfare and well-being for families underpinned with a therapeutic approach. Our finance team have been working with schools across the district to ensure that catch up funding is used in the most effective way and our education team is working with pupils at home, in the community and from September in school. Our strategic planning supports leaders and teachers in planning effectively to identify and support those learners and fa,ilie 

Our work with schools is essential in allowing all pupils and especially those in disadvantaged circumstances to make accelerated progress. We are placing staff in schools to support individual pupils and groups, we offer learning and development opportunities at a range of centres and across the curriculum. Through gaps analysis and well being assessment we are uniquely placed to offer intervention from our experienced team to close the gap!

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