We strongly advise all schools/academies to buy education welfare officer time to make sure that you're covered for any attendance issues that may arise over the academic year.

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Uses the fast track and time-focused case management model, with flexibility to select the most appropriate and effective interventions to improve the attendance of individual pupils.

Teacher and Young Student


  • Investigations

  • Home visits and writing letters/action plans

  • Signposting and referrals to other agencies

  • Attending meetings such as internal attendance panels

  • Working with other agencies including the early help assessment

  • Child in Need (CIN) or Child Protection (CP) procedures

  • Advocating and negotiating support; maintaining case files

  • Preparing relevant documentation to support legal action and engaging in regular supervision where case files are quality assured.

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Include facilitating attendance assemblies, attendance sweeps,  attending transition; parent/carer meetings and pupil meetings; supporting schools in raising the attendance agenda.

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As part of an EWS role one of the core roles is to carry our welfare checks when a pupil isn’t attending education regularly. Our Attendance & Welfare team frequently carry out home visits to work with pupil’s and their families.

Our Attendance & Welfare team have a vast amount of training and experience to quickly identify the core reasons why a young person isn’t engaging in education, whether it be bullying, financial worries, domestic violence or something simple as a parent not being able to read or write. We often find that some parents feel more comfortable having discussions about their child in the family home where they feel safe and at ease.

Our approach and questioning technique can vary depending on the situation, the primary focus of any home visit is to ensure that we are safeguarding the young person and working collaboratively to engage the young person back into school as quickly as possible.

We have a very high success rate in seeing a rapid improvement in attendance after conducting a home visit. All home visits are logged in detail and will be sent directly to your attendance lead. 

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Access to EWS management and a dedicated EWO with a wide range of relevant and specialised qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills. They can deliver a service appropriately focused on the needs of schools/academies, and of children, young people and their parents/carers, in relation to those issues that impact on school attendance.

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Our Education Welfare Team are able to work with you and carry out a full and detailed review of your current attendance practice. During the review, we will look at your existing attendance policy, practices and procedures. The core aim of this review will be to highlight and identify your strengths aswel as the weaknesses.

Once our consultant has conducted the review they will then provide you with a detailed report. The report will also contain recommendations and an action plan on what is required to improve attendance punctuality.

The consultant who carried out your review will also be on hand for 6 months from the date of the review to help you implement the recommendations and action points from the review. 

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Discussion on an agreed and regular basis between EWS and school/academy staff regarding pupils with emerging attendance issues, including potential/actual persistent absence - offering advice and agreeing actions by school/academy and EWS. This includes reviewing attendance certificates, identifying developing patterns of absence, updating progress of cases in meetings, by telephone, email and written reports.



For teaching and non-teaching staff in relation to registration and attendance issues, as well as sharing and disseminating good practice. There will be regular updates on changes to legislation and government policy, support on how to implement good practice and prepare effectively for Ofsted Inspections; 157/175 Education Act 2002 Safeguarding training to all school staff to meet with Ofsted requirements



We support you in undertaking evidence based practice through the effective use of attendance data to analyse attendance trends at registration group, year group, whole school/academy levels to inform appropriate actions and interventions.


  • Developing strategies for tackling attendance related problems including lateness.

  • Developing whole school/academy attendance policies.

  • Use of attendance data analysis and audits.

  • Registration legislation advice.

  • Strategies to reduce absence rates due to ‘leave of absence’ requests during term time.

  • Develop/review policies regarding pupils who are unable to attend school due to medical needs.

  • Contribute to the delivery of curriculum related issues including, for example, school age employment and attendance matters.

  • Training and support for key stakeholders, for example, designated safeguarding teacher leads,  child protection co-ordinators, as well as responsible for closing the achievement gaps for vulnerable groups, including looked after children and those with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • Support, advice and guidance in relation to traveller attendance.

  • Support, advice and guidance to schools for pupils who are at risk of criminal/ASB or who are involved with the Youth Offending Team.

  • Support, advice and guidance for children at risk of or known to be sexually exploited.


What Our Clients Have to Say

"BCL have worked closely with staff members to address concerns around student attendance. At all times, BCL’s approach has been informed, professional and proactive. BCL have shared their expertise and experience with the school, and the impact which their presence has had has been immediate. Repeatedly BCL have willingly gone the extra mile to investigate safeguarding concerns, to make weekend home visits and to provide school staff with appropriate strategies to challenge unsatisfactory rates of attendance.

The contribution which BCL have made in securing improved rates of attendance cannot be underestimated, and we look forward to sharing a productive relationship with Ben and his team in the future."

Secondary School - Bradford

"BCL Consultancy Limited have worked with our school on Attendance and Pastoral matters. Their dedicated members of staff have worked tirelessly to improve our whole school attendance in a short period of time. This has included bespoke packages for learners, welfare visits, a rapid action plan and support with preparing for ofsted. In addition, and because of the good practice with improving attendance figures, we have extended the support on offer to cover wider pastoral support for next academic year. Their wealth of knowledge and experience is allowing us to accelerate our progress with addressing pastoral issues."

Secondary School - Kirklees

"Attendance has been a concern for our school, especially with persistent absenteeism, and despite the interventions in place, our attendance figure remains below national average.  Engaging with BCL  has provided us with the capacity and training to engage with families who do not bring their children regularly to school.  By knocking on doors at weekends and evenings, BCL remind parents to bring their child to school and inform them of their duty as parents and the implications of missed education. Alongside our Attendance Officer he has met with families and as this has had a positive impact with attendance. 

The attendance report provided by the team has enabled us to identify and address key areas where attendance is lower, as well as provide a comprehensive report for the governing body."

Primary School - Bradford